Environmental Concept

ECO Development

We resolutely implements the spirit of ecological civilization development of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, implements the strategic goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, adheres to high-end development, green development and sustainable development, and strives to build an ECO enterprise .

In 2012, we completed the national "863" project , and built a production line with an annual processing capacity of 5,000 tons of arsenic-alkali slag. In 2017, the harmless treatment of arsenic-alkali slag was realized.

All other waste residues from antimony smelting are used to make cement, and all waste water is recycled, realizing zero discharge of residues and waste water.

In 2017, our antimony smelting system realized the emission of smelting flue gas up to the standard, and realized the resource utilization of desulfurization slag. We are the only enterprise  that uses limestone desulfurization to produce gypsum; In 2018, the antimony smelting low-altitude pollution transformation was completed, and the organized emission of flue gas from the reverberatory furnace was realized. In 2019, the technical upgrading and transformation of the bag room of the blast furnace was completed.

 The two mines are filled with tailings, realizing tailless discharge of mines; a waste water treatment system of more than 10,000 tons has been established, and the excess waste water after reuse of production waste water is treated and discharged up to the standard.

In 2014, "Twinkling Star" was listed as a "National Green Mine" pilot unit by the Ministry of Land and Resources and a pilot demonstration unit for low-carbon development in Hunan Province.

On January 8, 2020, Hsikwangshan was included in the "National Green Mines" list by the Ministry of Natural Resources. In April 2020, it was listed in the first batch of "green mines" in Hunan Province, and was designated as a "pilot enterprise for green development and reform of mining transformation" by the provincial party committee and the provincial government.

The century-old mine is moving towards a green mine, a clean mine, and an information mine.

Antimony arsenic alkali residue harmless treatment system
Organised emission of flue gas from reverberatory furnace and low-altitude pollution control system
Low concentration sulfur dioxide flue gas treatment system
10,000-ton wastewater treatment system
Sand water zero discharge system of South Mine
Sand water zero discharge system of Picking plant

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