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Antimony Ingot



Antimony Ingot

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Antimony is a silver-white metal that does not react with air or oxygen at room temperature. Antimony is insoluble in water and generally difficult to react with acid. It is brittle and nonductile. Under normal circumstances, it does not undergo mechanical processing. The elemental symbol of Antimony is Sb, the Moh's hardness is 3, the density is 6.69 g/cm3, the melting point is 630 °C, the boiling point is 1635 ° C, which is a poor conductor of heat and electricity.



1、It is used to improve the properties of metals or alloys such as: battery grid, lead plate and joint parts; bearing alloy ; antimony bronze; linotype metal; cable armor; lead plate, lead pipe and lead foil; solder; lead-base alloy hose made by extrusion technology; projectiles, tin solder (for high-quality art castings and precision casting); hard lead; weathering resistant steel etc.

2、It is used to produce antimony trioxide, antimony trisulfide and antimony halide.Antimony compounds are widely used in plastics, chemical fiber, enamel, glass, paints and pigments, firearms primer mixture, match,military, rubber, medicine and other industries.



1、The products are packed in wooden boxes or wooden pallets, 1000kg per carton or per pallet.

2、All the products could be packaged according to customer requirements.


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