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Antimony Capital of the world,Worthy of the world 

Hsikwangshan Twinkling Star Co.,Ltd. is located in Lengshuijiang City, Hunan Province. It is a large state-owned antimony-gold joint enterprise integrating mining, selection, refining and scientific research. At present, we got 600,000 tons of antimony mining, 20,000 tons of antimony ingot, 40,000 tons of antimony products, and 5 tons of gold as the annual capacity of production.

Our antimony product market share accounts for 30% of the country and 25% of the world.  As the major global antimony mine,producers, suppliers and the main R & D and export base of antimony products, we exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Japan, the United States, and Europe.With the large reserves of antimony resources, large product scale, high market share, superior product quality, and strong ability of technology research and development, it is known as the "Antimony Capital of the World" .

" Twinkling Star" brand and quality have long enjoyed a high reputation, with "Chinese Famous Trademark", "Chinese Famous Brand Product","Chinese Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise", "Chinese Quality Integrity AAA Enterprise", and a national "Credit-honoring and contract-abiding" unit, and many other national-level honors; strong independent innovation capability, leading industries in antimony mining, selection, and smelting technology, with the only "National Enterprise Technology Center" and National Accreditation Laboratory, "National Quality Inspection Center" in the antimony industry, was rated as "Top Ten Enterprises in National Industry Independent Innovation Capability", "Hunan High-tech Enterprise". We are the main drafting unit of national and industrial standards; we practice the concept of green development, and was selected as "National Green Mine", " Industrialization Demonstration Base of National Heavy Metal Pollution Prevention and Control Technology Research Center ", " Twinkling Star"antimony ingot, ATO,ATG were rated as the national "green design products".

We are dedicated to conduct extensive cooperation and exchanges with domestic and foreign customers, give full play to the advantages of the world's antimony capital, and create a bright future for the "Twinkling Star".

The world's major antimony mine and major antimony producer and supplier 

The cradle of the world's antimony industry and the birthplace of antimony production technology

Antimony Industrial Technological Innovation Leader

Major revision of national and industry standards for antimony products

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