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“Twinkling Star” is the cradle of chinese antimony industry and the birthplace of antimony production technology, it has the world’s advanced antimony production technology and equipment. All its antimony production technology has independent intellectual property rights. By December 2021, it has won 82 science and technology awards above the provincial and ministerial level, and has 83 national patents, including 44 invention patents. “Twinkling Star”is the main drafting unit of national standards and industry standards for antimony products, presided over the drafting of 16 national standards, 30 industry standards, 2 local standards, and 3 group standards for antimony; "National Enterprise Technology Center" of “Twinkling Star” ,which is the only in Chinese antimony industry, engaged in the research and development of antimony products,  has been rated as "High-tech Enterprise" and "Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" in Hunan Province.


“Twinkling Star” has successively developed the second-generation antimony trioxide production technology, the second-generation technology - a new chaotropic top-blowing process for antimony trioxide , a new matching furnace type, and a new process for post-treatment of antimony trioxide, which ensures the continuous improvement of the antimony product structure. It ensures the high-end, stability and uniformity of product quality, realizes the upgrading of technology, and promotes the development and progress of deep processing technology. Since then, “Twinkling Star” has continuously developed new antimony products to increase the technical content and added value. Now there are more than 20 new antimony-containing products such as catalyst antimony trioxide, particle antimony trioxide, ultrafine antimony trioxide, ultrafine high-purity antimony trioxide and coarse antimony trioxide,dust-free antimony trioxide, antimony trioxide masterbatch, and ethylene glycol antimony have been launched, which has changed the export of antimony products in China from low-end products to high-end products.


In 1994 and 2010, “Twinkling Star” successively invented lead remover and new high-efficiency smokeless lead remover, which achieved effective deep separation of lead and antimony, solved the problem of antimony smelting in the world, and opened up broad prospects for the utilization of antimony containing high lead . In 2003, “Twinkling Star” invented the rapid arsenic and selenium removal agent, which completely replaced the traditional soda ash arsenic and selenium removal technology, which can deeply remove arsenic and selenium, with high efficiency, low consumption and low labor intensity; The invention is a technological revolution in the field of antimony smelting, which has opened up a win-win era of environmental protection and benefits.

In 2000, “Twinkling Star” built an antimony trioxide masterbatch production line.

In 2000, “Twinkling Star” started the research on ethylene glycol antimony production technology.

In 2006, “Twinkling Star” built ethylene glycol antimony production line.

In 2006, “Twinkling Star” built a production line for removing lead and slag.

The antimony blast furnace with oxygen-enriched volatilization smelting process invented by “Twinkling Star” in 2008 , is the antimony gold rough smelting metallurgical furnace with the largest production capacity, the most advanced technology and equipment level, and the optimized technical and economic indicators in the world.

In 2012, “Twinkling Star” took the lead in undertaking the National 863 Program "Research and Demonstration of Key Technologies for Comprehensive Utilization of Arsenic-Alkali Residues in Antimony Smelting", which provided key common technologies for cleaning and treatment of secondary arsenic-alkali slag in chinese historical stockpiles; through continuous exploration and technical research, the technical transformation of the arsenic-alkali slag treatment line was completed in 2017, and the harmless treatment of arsenic-alkali slag was realized. 

In 2018, “Twinkling Star” took the lead in technological upgrading and transformation of antimony lump ore beneficiation process, using machine intelligent sorting process instead of manual hand selection. This process solves the problems of high labor intensity, poor working environment, unstable beneficiation index and high operation cost, realizes the pre-discarding of waste rock, improves the selection grade of raw ore and the processing capacity of beneficiation, and enables the manual selection staff from the heavy workload. It is a major revolution in antimony beneficiation technology

In 2018, “Twinkling Star” built a gold production line by taking advantage of the technical advantages of the oxygen-rich antimony blast furnace and swirl furnace, and realized the joint development of antimony and gold.

In December 2020, the intelligent machine was rated as "international advanced level" by the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements. The research on "Research and Demonstration of Antimony Resources Waste-free Green and Efficient Technology" was carried out, and a tailless green demonstration project with a processing capacity of 1000t/d was built on the basis of the project. In December 2020, the scientific and technological achievements were evaluated, and the technical level was rated as "international advanced level".

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