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Development Strategy

Company vision: fully implement the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, practice the mission of "revitalizing China's antimony industry" and "serving the country with antimony industry", actively connect the development strategies of China Minmetals and Hunan nonferrous metals, create a global antimony resources integration and development platform, build a regional antimony products trading center, constantly improve resources and industrial control, and become a leader in industry development; Adhere to the joint development of antimony and gold, expand the application field of antimony, improve the value creation ability and product competitiveness, and be a practitioner of high-quality development of the industry; Focus on the deep processing of antimony products, increase scientific and technological investment and innovation, continue to develop new products, promote technological upgrading, and become the leader of industrial technological progress; Adhere to green development, strengthen the green design of products, create a benchmark for green development of the industry, and be a demonstrator for green development of mining transformation. Carry forward the enterprise spirit of "world antimony capital, always create first-class", and stride forward to the leading goal of "first in China and first in the world".

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