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The registered trademark of the company's products is "flashing star", which is a well-known trademark in China. The main products are antimony ingot, antimony trioxide, antimony trioxide masterbatch, ethylene glycol antimony, antimony disulfide, antimony pentoxide, sodium antimonate, gold and silver, etc.

The company's business scope includes antimony products, gold and silver, precious antimony containing gold and silver, etc. Other businesses include the export business of self-produced products and related technologies of the enterprise, and the import business of raw and auxiliary materials, machinery, equipment, instruments, meters, spare parts and other commodities and related technologies required for production and scientific research; Purchase of raw materials for production; Undertake Sino foreign joint venture, cooperative production and carry out "three supplies and one compensation" business.

The company adheres to the quality policy of "relying on science and technology, strict management, creating world-class product quality and fully meeting customer requirements", carries forward the enterprise spirit of "world antimony capital, always creating first-class", and strives to create the world brand of "flash star".

The company's antimony products all use the "twinkling star" trademark, which has also been registered in Japan and the United States.

In 2006, the "flash star" trademark was rated as "China's well-known trademark" by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. The "flash star" antimony products have become synonymous with high-quality antimony products in the antimony industry. The company has a sound quality management system and has passed the IS09001-2000 national quality system certification.

The company's quality testing center was certified by China National Laboratory Accreditation Committee in 2005, becoming the - th national accredited laboratory in China's antimony industry.

In 2006, "shining star" antimony trioxide and antimony ingot won the national "import and export commodity exemption certificate".

In 2007, "shining star" antimony trioxide won the title of "China famous brand product".

In 2015, the company obtained the honorary qualification of "China export quality and safety demonstration enterprise". It is the only one in the antimony industry in the country. The "shining star" antimony trioxide and antimony ingot enjoy the export inspection exemption treatment, and at the same time enjoy fast and convenient services in certification, inspection and testing, administrative licensing, etc.

In 2019, "shining star" antimony ingot was selected as the national "green design product".

In 2021, "flash star" antimony trioxide and ethylene glycol antimony were selected as national "green design products".

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